Who we are

Established in 2018, Monster Vaping is made up of three mates who all started vaping for different reasons:

Family.  John promised his wife that he’d quit smoking when she got pregnant. 4 years and 3 children later he appreciates the quiet moment he gets out of the house for a quick vape. 

Health.  Kevin started vaping when he noticed that he was getting short of breath at the gym - the gym he joined to make up for smoking (and beer). 

Money.  Alex wanted to pay off his ancient student loans and worked out that if he swapped to vaping from smoking, it would be like getting a £3000 ($5000) rise in wages. He still has student loans but drives a nice Jaguar. 

They’d all worked together on various contracts in digital marketing and e-commerce. It seemed natural to create Monster Vaping to bring something that had changed their lives for the better to as many people as possible.

The result is Monster Vaping and our commitment to providing high quality vaping products, in a convenient, dependable and fast way to our customers.