5 Reasons to vape rather than smoke

5 Reasons to Vape

  • Money
  • Regional differences in cost, and the amount you smoke (light, regular, or heavy) makes a difference on how much you will save by vaping over smoking, but a decent rule of thumb is an 80% saving in monthly outgoings. A pack a day man (or woman) would save in the order of £2900 ($3900) each year. That’s over 10% of the average UK yearly salary. I look at it like getting a 38-day paid bonus.
  • Health
  • It’s early days, but research agrees that vaping is way safer than smoking combustible tobacco. There are loads of studies addressing things like heart and lung capacity you will find, but you will be able to tell the difference yourself. And you’ll feel the differences fast. With most of us, we started to lose the dreaded smoker’s cough within 3 days. Being able to run up the stairs also makes it more likely that you will become more active without thinking about it. When I quit smoking in the past, I always piled on the pounds. Not when I swapped to vaping. If anything, I’ve lost a bit of weight because I’m more active.
  • Socializing
  • Before smoking became socially unacceptable, popping out for a smoke was a way of exchanging ideas and news (okay gossip) with your co-workers and friends. Now it’s just a few shamed people huddled in the cold. Vaping gives you back that camaraderie and shared interest with like-minded people. And there are so many types of vaping enthusiasts and interests. Start exploring today.
  • Beauty
  • It’s got to be said, that yellow fingers, cat’s bum mouth, smelly hair, and grey teeth aren’t the standards of attractiveness we hope to attain when we first started to smoke in our teens…but that’s what we got. Vaping stops all these social “signals” of loser-hood. You still get your ‘’hit” but you don’t pay the price. Nice.
  • Fun
  • So many hardened nicotine addicts have quit smoking (which is amazing for us and society), and we evangelize about the benefits with such enthusiasm that we often overlook the fact that vaping is quite a bit of fun. Many of our customers use vaporizers with herbs, therapeutic juices, or fruit flavours with no nicotine hit. Vaping is fun.